eDisclosure Buyers Guide

Andrew Haslam from Allvision Computing and The Legal IT Insider are today launching a buyer’s guide to eDisclosure systems. This inaugural volume contains both information on how best to procure a litigation support system, and the first (if not only) detailed listing of UK vendors of eDisclosure products. The current plan is to re-issue the guide in March of each year so that the annual update of the briefing information can include the latest news from LegalTech.
Andrew Haslam commented; “A number of my recent assignments have been advising law firms on procuring litigation support systems, and I quickly found out there was no centralised list of all the UK vendors, so I decided to build one myself. The first part of the volume comprises detailed information on the litigation support marketplace, including a set of procurement requirements readers can cut and paste into their own documents. The second half was provided by all the vendors, and details both their capabilities, and those of the software they use.”
Possible readers of the Guide are end users of these systems, be they lawyers, barristers, in-house counsel, or IT departments. The Guide does not purport to identify the “best” software or supplier in the marketplace, but instead aims to supply information to allow users to arrive a shortlist of potential vendors, with a procurement exercise being the next logical step.
Charles Christian explained; “It has long been an aim of the Insider website to provide quality material for our readers, and this guide will be first of a number of procurement briefing for different technology areas. Andrew’s work is a comprehensive and detailed review of the litigation support marketplace and we are proud to have it as our initial member of a soon to be expanded family.”
The guide is free, contains no advertising (other than the vendors words and software descriptions) and is available to download here 

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